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which is the best alarm system for your home

Which Is The Best Alarm System For My Home?

When you are wondering which is the best alarm system for your home, there are many things you’ll want to consider. You need to think about factors such as how much security you need, the alarm’s size, and if the alarm is wired or not. You also need to think about your budget. You’ll first need to consider what features you want, including personal security and monitoring.


You might want to look for alarms that work with Google Home or Alexa. You also need to think about whether you can install the alarm system on your own or not. If you cannot get an alarm, you should consider reinforced windows and door locks, security lights, and door chains. These will ensure that your house is secure. It’s also important to consider insurance benefits. Many insurance companies will discount your premiums when you invest in home security, making it important to invest in an alarm. The type of alarm you choose is also important.


There are five alarm types: Dummy alarms, bells/sirens, monitored alarms, smart alarms, and dialer alarms.

  • Dummy boxes are exactly what they sound like.

  • A siren alarm deters burglars with a loud noise.

  • Monitored alarms link to police or a security company.

  • Smart alarms are controlled via an app.

  • Dialer alarms will call a designated number.

1. Dialler Alarm to Cover it All:

The Yale EF-KIT2 Easy Fit Telecommunication Alarm Kit

When you want to know what to look for when buying a home security system, you’ll want to look at an alarm that has everything. This includes being highly customisable, with options to connect whatever you want to the alarm. This alarm is known for being easy to install.

From a touchscreen to additional accessories you can add to this alarm to make it better suited to your home, this alarm is one of the most efficient and most versatile alarms.

It is 25.5 by 26.5 by 26.5 centimetres. It’s also lightweight at about 3.7 kilograms. It requires 12 AAA batteries, which are included with the alarm.

In conclusion, when you are wondering what is the best wireless alarm system on the market, this is an alarm to look at. With the accessories it has, you can make sure that you are safe.

A dialler alarm is a wonderful type of alarm to have in the eyes of an insurance company. Dialler alarms can show that a reputable number has been contacted when the security of your house has been breached, which will help improve your insurance ratings.

  • Has 30 accessories that you can add
  • 104dB siren
  • Holds up to three phone numbers to call in a specified sequence
  • Can be armed using a smartphone
  • Complaints that the alarm system will go off for no reason
  • Touchpad sometimes freezes up

2. Smart Alarm For The Elderly:

JC Wireless GSM & WiFi Security Alarm System

You might not need something as extravagant, but you might need an alarm that can help the elderly. A panic button can be extremely helpful. If you’re wondering which is the best personal alarm for elderly, this might be an alarm for you. Not only does it have a number of accessories, but it’s compatible with smartphones, too. If something happens, you can access the app and press a button, and the authorities will be alerted.

This alarm is one that can be installed on your own, but people complain that the instructions aren’t clear. This means you might turn to tutorials, but it’s still possible for you to install.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an alarm that isn’t excessive, but has the capability to keep your house safe, you should consider this alarm system. At a fraction of the price for a large and useful touchscreen and wireless alarm system, you can keep your home safe.

Smart alarms, depending on how they are used, can benefit your insurance ratings. Some alarms, when they are used properly, can dramatically increase the safety of your house and improve your insurance ratings notably. Other alarms, if used improperly, will do nothing for your ratings. It all depends on how you use your smart alarm.

  • Being easily accessible with its large touchscreen and keypad
  • Compatibility with apps
  • Accessories include a panic button
  • Has a key fob controller
  • Instruction manual isn’t very clear
  • It has some trouble connecting to the app and WiFi
  • Takes up a considerable amount of WiFi

3. Siren Alarm to Deter Burglars: KERUI Standalone Home Office Shop Garage Security Alarm System Kit

You don’t need to waste money and time purchasing and setting up an alarm that relies on apps and WiFi. Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best. This is where siren/bell alarms come in. These alarms deter burglars by making a loud sound. With this KERUI alarm, you won’t have to worry about anyone trying to enter your home, as this alarm can ward off anyone with its 110dB siren.

This alarm set is small and DIY-installation friendly. Coming in at 10 cm by 8 cm by 8 cm, you won’t have to give a second thought to the size of this alarm.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an alarm designed to deter burglars with a loud siren, but you are also willing to risk waking up your neighbours, then this is an alarm you should consider. Siren alarms are perfect for people who do not want to bother with smart technology, as those alarms hold the most potential for things to go wrong.

A siren alarm can be hit or miss with insurance ratings. Many neighbourhoods have false alarms, which means neighbours might ignore your alarm, thinking that nothing is happening. Police can help if they have evidence, such as an eyewitness report, and if your neighbours think your alarm was false, then you might be in trouble with insurance ratings.

  • A small, discreet alarm that can potentially catch burglars by surprise
  • The small size of the alarm means that it isn’t bulky or oversized
  • Has the capability to be expanded upon with accessories
  • Considerably less expensive than other alarms
  • Siren reaches 110dB
  • Instructions could be of better quality and readability
  • Alarm could wake up the neighbourhood depending on housing arrangements
  • Complaints of cheap materials used to build the alarm

4. Dummy Alarm to Deter Burglars:

Honeywell HS3DS1S – Outdoor Dummy Siren

Sometimes, fake alarms get the job done. These alarms, which don’t produce noise or contact anyone, are designed to fool the burglar into believing that your home is protected. And, if the person is cautious, you can sleep peacefully tonight with the Honeywell dummy siren.

This siren looks like an authentic alarm. It won’t make noise, it won’t have LEDs, and it won’t make a siren noise. It’s solely there as a visual deterrent, and visual deterrents have been proven to deter burglars, making it a worthy investment. Because it’s a dummy alarm, it can be easily installed as a DIY project.

If you are looking for a visual deterrent, you should consider a dummy alarm. You should keep in mind that, if a burglar is determined, this alarm will do nothing to protect your house, meaning you should consider another form of backup.

In terms of insurance ratings, you should never protect your house with solely a dummy alarm. In the eyes of an insurance company, having only a dummy alarm is foolish and it will do nothing good for your insurance. If you want your dummy alarm to benefit your insurance, use it with another alarm system.

  • Small and lightweight at just over 1kg
  • Has been proven to deter burglars without disturbing the neighbourhood
  • Significantly less expensive upkeep costs, given it has no lights or sirens
  • There are three different size options available
  • Cannot make any noise or flash any lights to deter burglars further
  • Determined burglars will not be stopped by a dummy alarm
  • Somewhat pricey for what it is

5. Monitor Alarm to Keep You Safe:

KERUI W18 Wireless 2.4G WiFi+GSM Burglar Home Security Alarm System

Another type of alarm is the monitor alarm. This alarm connects to a security company or the police if security is breached. You set up these contracts for a monthly fee, but there are alarms where you can program the number of the police or the security system, so that the alarm will contact them if security is breached. This alarm is similar to the dialler alarm, but just a bit different.

This DIY installation alarm system is designed so that, when you insert a standard GSM SIM card, the alarm will contact up to six numbers, and you will receive SMS notifications to help you get an idea of which zone has been breached. Speaking of zones, this alarm has up to 99 programmable zones you can configure.

In conclusion, this alarm will help you contact the people you need when security is breached. Whether the numbers you program into the alarm are those of the security company or the police, you can sleep knowing your home is under the protection of a monitored alarm system.

For insurance, having a monitored alarm system is one of the best options, especially if the police or security company are one of the numbers in the contact list. In fact, considering these alarms offer the largest security benefits, they can give you some of the best insurance ratings.

  • The ability to call up to six numbers, including the police
  • The compatibility with an app
  • The ability to customise up to 99 zones of your house
  • Many accessories to expand upon
  • The price can be a bit high
  • Complaints about the user interface being hard to work with
  • Instructions can be hard to parse through

Alarms Which Are Least Expensive

Some of the most important features to look for in alarm systems are which ones will be the best on your budget, which ones will be the best all around, and which alarms will keep your house the safest. It’s easy to determine the least expensive alarm system, with that being the Honeywell dummy alarm system, although this system doesn’t have as much security potential as others.


Alarms Which Are The Best

The most secure alarm system is the one that lets you contact the police, a security company, and other important contacts, while letting you visualise where the breach has occurred. This means the monitored alarm system, the KERUI W18 system, is going to keep your house the most secure.


Alarms That Are Most Secure

The best alarm system out of these five alarms is the one with the most capability. This means the Yale EF-KIT2 Telecommunication Alarm Kit, with its 30 accessories you can mix and match, is going to have the most potential for being the best alarm you can invest in.

Which is The Best Alarm System For Your Home?

Alarm Type
Insurance Ratings
Key Benefits
Yale EF-KIT2 Easy Fit Telecommunication Alarm Kit
Dialler Alarm
Improves insurance ratings notably
Can call up to three people
Has countless accessories to add to the versatility
JC Wireless GSM & WiFi Security Alarm System
Smart Alarm
Improves insurance ratings
Has a panic button accessory available
Has a large touchscreen, which can help people with poor eyesight
KERUI Standalone Home Office Shop Garage Security Alarm System Kit
Siren Alarm
Improves insurance ratings
Has a panic button accessory available
Has a large touchscreen, which can help people with poor eyesight
Honeywell HS3DS1S – Outdoor Dummy Siren
Dummy Alarm
Worsens insurance ratings
Can work in conjunction with another alarm system
KERUI W18 2.4G WiFi + GSM Burglar Home Security Alarm System
Improves insurance ratings notably
Can call up to six people, including the police
Has ability to customise 99 different zones of your house
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