KERUI WIFI + GSM 2-In-1 Wireless Home Security Alarm System DIY Kit with Auto Dial Support Android IOS Smart Phone APP Control

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Wireless Burglar Alarm System by KERUI WP6 has a compact and elegant design. Many uses for this product include a customer alert bell or a wire-free workshop alarm.

Entry Chime:

With up to 5 ringtones (Doorbell, Chime, Classic, Horrible, Harsh), enabling you to select the mild chime setting, usually used in companies that will give you a notification when people walk into the monitored area.

Workshop Alarm:

A maximum of up to 8 extra sensors can be added and easily programmed to the WP6 egg-shaped PIR bell host when any of the paired accessories are activated. The powerhouse alarm will frighten away potential intruders, and inform you that unauthorised movement has been detected.

NOTE: To receive push notifications on your smartphone, the WP6 unit must be always connected to WiFi.

Or, it will only work as a local on-site alarm.

Effective APP allows you to:

  • Arm/Disarm the machine remotely
  • MUTE to 120dB Volume manipulate
  • 5 Alarm Tones
  • LED ON/OFF optional
  • Panel PIR Detection ON/OFF
  •  Siren Alarming Time (5 minutes Maximum)
  • 4 Auto Arm/Disarm Schedules
  • 2 Clock instances
  • Sensor Programming
  • Custom Name for Each Sensor
  • Delay Arm (ONLY works when using the remote control and Activating from the app)

Included in the kit:

1 x PIR Base Unit (Does not include battery)
1 x  Door/Window Contact (Not including battery)
1 x PIR Motion Sensor (Battery not supplied)
2 x Remote Controls
1 x UK Mains Power Supply
Mounting brackets Included

2.4GHz WiFi:

Use the “WP6” application to search for your WiFi, control the system. Receive alerts on your smartphone when connected to WiFi.

Search for “WP6” on YouTube to see more information.


Configure everything through the application “WP6” from an Android device or an iPhone. Not only can you enable/disable the wireless shop bell sensor on your phone, you can also add/remove 8 sensors, set 2 clock times, 4 automatic arming / disarming settings, change MUTE volume to 120dB and more. Optional to configure several push notifications to your phone, Alarm warning, Activation/deactivation warning, On/off warning, Low battery, etc


The Wireless Burglar Alarm System has a PIR motion detection detector (25-foot detection range and 110° field of view) and a built-in siren that emits alerts up to 120dB with 5 volume levels and flashing LED lights . The host can host up to 8 additional sensors and 4 remote controls, you can easily program them through the app and even choose any or all of the sensors to be active or inactive.


Complete with a UK power adapter and a USB cable in the kit, it is designed to work with wall power and has batteries (not included) as backup in case of power failure , which will keep the system running up to 24 hours. If the power is turned off, you may even receive a notification on your phone to turn off the power and another when you turn back it on again.

Portable or wall mounted – comes with a detachable stand to stand on and allows it to rotate up and down so that it can be situated in the direction you want, and you can use it whenever you want; Place the adhesive pad to install the alarm on the wall or use the existing screws to secure it. The package includes all required accessories.


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