FREDI Pet Cameras,Dog Cameras, Wireless Camera 1080p,Baby Camera Monitor Wifi,Security House Camera Indoor,Surveillance IP Camera with IR Night Vision/Two-way Audio/Motion Detection Pan/Tilt (UPDATE)

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Security of Privacy Technology and Sharing:

The last function of sharing mechanism, when the user adds this wireless camera, the camera will link the login software account, others can not add the camera through the ID of the camera. and password, which will show the password error when others add. The only way is for users to share the camera with other people or other devices and watch videos. Solve the problem of forgetting to change the password or weak password. Do not worry about the hackers entering the password.

Simple connection and remote control

The FREDI Wi-Fi wireless camera is very easy to use. It does not require difficult wiring; No electrician is needed. Simply turn on the camera, download our application (Yoosee) and follow the instructions to start watching it. After successfully connecting it, you can control the wifi camera so that it moves anywhere through your device because it has the PTZ function.

Infra Red Night Vision:

The wireless IP camera automatically switches between day and night vision modes, producing ultra clear and clear images Range up to 10 meters even in complete darkness. It is activated automatically as the light decreases.

Detection of movement and speaking two ways:

The wireless security camera accurately detects movement in both dark and dark environments, notifies you by notifying your phone. You can talk with your families or pets at any time. This pet camera has a bi-directional conversation function that allows you to listen and talk directly through the camera.


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