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how to make your home safe from burglars

How To Make Your Home Safe From Burglars

When you are looking on how to make your home safe from burglars, there are going to be different things that you want to pay attention to. First, you will want to make sure that you keep your home safe with locks, alarms, and motion detectors. These will minimise the chance that a burglar will get into your house. You will also want to think about how you can reduce the chances that your house would be targeted by burglars. You will be able to sleep comfortably at night knowing that you won’t have to worry about burglars anytime soon.


What to Consider When Making Your Home Secure

As you begin to look into how to make your home safe from burglars, you will come across a number of devices that you can use to maximise the security of your house. Some of these devices are as simple as safes that you can keep your valuables in, whereas others are intricate alarm systems that will keep your home as safe as possible. Here are some options to consider how to make your home safe from burglars.

1. Alarms

Most burglars, or at least the ones who want to avoid being caught, will bolt when the noise from an alarm sounds.

This means you can sleep another night knowing a would-be burglary was deterred from having the alarms.

  • A way to deter burglars
  • A way to alert you if someone is trying to break in
  • Built-in motion detectors will sense movement
  • There are different sizes for different needs
  • The alarm can go off by accident
  • The alarm can be loud (120dB), which can wake you up
  • You have to install the system

Tiiwee Home Alarm System

2. Surveillance Cameras

If you are wondering how to burglar proof my home from intruders, then you will definitely need to look at surveillance cameras.

These cameras will help you keep a close eye on your property during all hours of the day and night.

  • A way to deter burglars
  • Keeping an eye on your whole property at all hours
  • Being able to log footage of suspicious activity
  • Being able to store footage on a variety of devices
  • Added maintenance of having to keep them working
  • The investment of the camera itself and keeping it powered
  • Cameras only collect footage; they cannot deter a burglar

H.View 4CH Home Security

3. Window and Door Locks Reinforced

Making sure that you keep your windows and doors locked is crucial when you are keeping burglars from entering your home.

By picking up some reinforced locks, you won’t have to worry anymore.

  • A way to deter burglars
  • You won’t have to worry about someone trying to pry open your window or door
  • They will keep your windows and doors shut, increasing the security of your house
  • They are quick and easy to install
  • These locks won’t stop a determined burglar from breaking the glass or door itself
  • You might have to purchase your own jack nuts yourself
  • They won’t alert you if someone
    is trying to break in

HomeSecure HS4293 x10 Sash Jammers

4. Motion Detector

Security Lights

Motion detector lights can deter a burglar, as the amount of light increases the chance that the burglar could be identified.

  • They can deter cautious burglars from your property
  • They can make life easier when you arrive home late at night
  • They can be customised for brightness and length of the light
  • If a burglar is stubborn or determined, he or she might not mind the light
  • In some cases, it can make it easier for the burglar to see what he or she is doing
  • It adds to your electricity bill

MEIKEE Security Lights with Motion Sensor

5. Door Chains

A door chain is a simple answer to preventing a burglar’s access, as most door chains can only be opened properly from the inside.

This makes it more important for you to purchase some.

  • Drastically increases the security of your front and back doors
  • Makes it easier to protect yourself if someone suspicious is at your door
  • Lessens the chance that a burglar will get in through the door
  • These chains can be opened if the burglar breaks the door
  • These chains won’t work on patio doors, or most of them
  • These chains do absolutely
    nothing for windows

XFORT® Door Chain

6. Patio Door Locks

Just as keeping your front and back doors secure is important, keeping a patio door secure is equally important. 

Thankfully, there are quite a few locks out there for you to choose from.

  • You can keep your patio door closed at night and when you’re away
  • You won’t have to worry about another set of keys or memorising a code
  • Keeps intruders from opening a patio door
  • A determined burglar can still attempt to break the glass of a patio door
  • A poorly made lock might slip off the patio door
  • Has the chance not to fit your door handles

Patlock instant French Door and Conservatory Security Lock

7. Tamper Proof Bolts, Screws

If an ordinary door chain isn’t secure enough, then you might want to consider getting a tamper-proof bolt or screw to keep your door closed when you are away or asleep.

  • Children and dogs can’t open the lock by accident
  • Uses a code means it can’t be opened by force
  • You won’t ever have to worry about losing a key to a bolt
  • It will do nothing to keep burglars away from your windows
  • You might have to call a locksmith if you forget the combination
  • You have to install it yourself

Sterling CLB110BK 110mm 4 Unique Combination Locking Bolt

8. Safes

In addition to keeping your doors secure, you will also want to keep your belongings out of sight and in a safe box, such as a safe. Hence, why these have the name “safe.”

  • Keep your belongings out of sight from a burglar’s eyes
  • Keep precious and valuable items out of clumsy hands
  • Chent
  • Keep what’s important to you locked behind a code
  • If you lose the combination to the safe, you might have trouble
  • It takes up some space in your house
  • You will have to purchase some batteries

Yale Locks YVSS Small Value Safe

How To Make Your Home Safe From Burglars To Keep Them from Scouting Your House?

In addition to investing in some protection for your house, you will also want to look into how to avoid burglary in your home.

Generally, you will want to keep your valuables safe and out of the view of your windows, so burglars don’t get the inclination to target your house. You should also protect your letterbox as well.

Getting to know your neighbours can also help you out. On windows to personal rooms, you might want to invest in a privacy film to provide restricted vision into your property. As a physical deterrent you could also place some bollards on your driveway this prevent vehicles being driven away.

Make sure that the lights to your house come on automatically when the sun sets. If you have bikes, keep them secured in a garage. You should also never put your vacation times on social media, as this will make your house more vulnerable.

Keeping the exterior of your house tidy will also ensure that burglars don’t think that there is nobody who cares in the house as well. Doing some or all of these things can keep your house significantly safer in the long run.

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