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security lighting outside my home

How To Choose Security Lighting Outside My Home​

Everyone wants to keep their homes safe, and there are many ways to do this. From adding locks to investing in home security lighting with camera, there are countless ways that you can protect your home.


One of the easiest ways that you can keep your home safe is to use security lighting outside my home. You might not think about it, but having security lighting outside my home is an efficient way to deter burglars from your property.

What Should You Think About with Security Lighting?

As you investigate installing security lighting outside my home, there will be a lot to think about. You will want to stay within your budget. You should also think about how much light you will need. Depending on your property, you might need a more powerful light. If the lighting is connected to an alarm, then you will need to think about how large an alarm you will need. If you live in an area that is sunny, you might want to consider a solar-powered security light.

Solar-powered lights can save you quite a bit of money on your electricity bills. Some people don’t enjoy dealing with wires, in which case they will need to consider a wireless security light.

In addition to all of this, you will need to consider the features you want. Lights can be as simple as something that produces a light to scare the burglar. Other times, you could invest in an outside light with CCTV camera, or even a security light with built in camera and recorder.

Other features that you might want to look at are security lights that follow you, as this can easily scare a burglar.

There are different types of lights with more features you can choose from. There are also places that offer security outdoor lighting ideas for those who are not sure what type of security light they want.

Finally, you will need to think about installation. Some security lighting outside my home will be incredibly easy to install, and others will require the work of a professional. Unfortunately, these professionals don’t work for free.

If you’re looking at a complex light that you cannot install yourself, you will need to factor in the time it takes to search for security lighting installers near me, as well as the security lights installation cost into the complete price and time it’ll take to set up your security lights.

What Lights Are There?

There are five major types of security lights to look at. These are halogen, LED, PIR, solar-powered, and motion-activated. Halogen lights are designed to emit a strong light at the flick of a switch, and they are the most common security light. LED lights last significantly longer than normal light bulbs. PIR security lights, or Passive Infrared Sensor lights, rely on infrared light.

It’s a type of motion-sensor security light. Solar-powered lights are solar-powered, so they reduce your electricity bill. Finally, motion-activated lights will turn on when the motion sensor catches something, which can catch a burglar off-guard.

1. Halogen Light:

Hillington 400W Motion

PIR Sensor Halogen Floodlight

If you’re searching for a halogen light that you can use to keep people off your property, this is a light for you. With tempered, heat-resistant, shatter-proof glass and a die-cast aluminium frame, you won’t have to worry about this security light succumbing to the weather.

You can install this light easily on your own, which means that your home will be secure when night falls.

This 400W light (up to 9,200 lumens) can detect movement up to 15 metres away, so it can keep anyone from straying onto the property at night. It has a 180-degree swivel head, giving it a large range of motion. The head can tilt 110 degrees, letting you find the perfect angle.

At a height of 22 centimetres, width of 19 centimetres, and a depth of 14 centimetres, this light can take care of your property easily. At 400W, it can either deter burglars from the property or help you find your way inside.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a well-rounded, well-priced halogen security light, this is the light for you. It can keep your property well lit in the middle of the night, while also not draining your wallet. It might be worth it to invest in a cover for it if you live in a rainy area, though.

  • A strong, bright light to ward off burglars
  • A durable material to stand against the weather
  • Easy installation that can be done on your own
  • Complaints of the bulb not always working
  • Too much rain can lead to rust on the screws
  • Can be hard to install at the recommended height of,
    1.8 – 2.5 metres

2. LED Light:

PEBA 2000lm 6600K

Super Bright LED Floodlight

LED lights are an incredible addition to the lights that everyone uses. With the LED’s durable, long-lasting light, you won’t have to worry about replacing your security light. You won’t have to worry about your energy bill, since these lights are designed to be energy efficient.

It can easily be installed during the afternoon so that you will have some light to protect you that night.

The focus of these lights is how much light they can produce for such little energy. You might think that 20 watts isn’t much, but 2,000 lumens is an incredibly bright floodlight, capable of lighting up your entire property without putting a strain on your electricity bill.

If you’re looking for something that can keep your property bright during the night, then an LED security light is what you need.

Coming in at 13.5cm by 5.7cm by 17.5cm, with a brightness of 2,000 lumen at 20 watts, you will be able to see just how bright this floodlight is.

This is how LEDs save you a significant amount of money on your electricity bill. In addition to this, this light can withstand the rain, snow, cold, and heat.

If you need a way to light up your property without spending too much on electricity bills, you should look for an LED security light. You will be able to sleep comfortably knowing that if anyone tries to enter your property, they will be deterred by your new security light.

  • 2,000 lumens at only 20 watts of energy
  • Has an energy class of A++ and can save you up to 80% on energy bills
  • Comes with a two-metre cord and self-locking screws to help with installation
  • Sensor doesn’t have the longest range
  • Light fades out over a large area

3. PIR Light:

LOFTer 30W 2,400 Lumen Super Bright

PIR Sensor Flood Light

PIR sensors offer another way to sense motion, adding another layer of security to your house. Unlike regular motion sensors, PIR sensors utilise infrared light to “see” motion.

This is far more energy-efficient for your house, and your home will have a much better motion sensor than it would with other lights.

The installation materials are included with the light, so you can install it as soon as it arrives.

Most security lights that have motion sensors only sense motion in the most basic of ways. While this can provide adequate protection against burglars, many people want to be able to have a more sensitive security light.

This is where the key feature of the PIR sensor comes into play. With an infrared sensor, you can rest assured that even the most cautious burglar is going to be caught in the floodlight.

Coming in at 17 cm by 15.5 cm by 2 cm, this light is a small but powerful way to keep your property well-illuminated. At 30 watts and 2,400 lumens, you won’t have to give a second thought to your property not being lit up enough. This light also has protections against the weather.

If you need a light that has a sensor far better than most security lights, you will want to look at this PIR sensor security light.

Some people complain about the light being too sensitive or too bright, but under the right circumstances, it can become your house’s greatest defence.

  • A much better, higher quality
    PIR sensor
  • A very bright, 2,400 lumen light
    to brighten your property
  • Complaints about the sensor being too sensitive to movement
  • Might be too bright for some people
  • Could be more durable

4. Solar-Powered Light:

HETP Upgraded 78 LED

Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights

As technology becomes more advanced, people are turning to alternative energy to combat carbon footprints and reduce energy bills. You can apply this to your security lights. Solar-powered security lights are becoming more popular.

These lights can cut down your electricity bills while providing you with the security you deserve. The only help you might need to install the lights at the recommended height of two metres is a ladder.

These lights are designed to keep your property well-lit while utilising the energy of the sun, rather than electricity. These lights can detect and illuminate people as far away as 26 feet. You will be able to sleep knowing that your property is protected and your energy bills will low.

These lights are around 13 cm by 18 cm by 4.8 cm, and they have a movement angle of 180 degrees and a range of 20-26 feet, so they can reach near the end of a residential property easily. The LED of these lights reaches 1,400 lumens.

In a world where the environment is becoming a concern, it’s important to reduce your carbon footprint. If this means that you can rely on solar-powered devices, you should look for ways that you can integrate these devices into your life, including using solar-powered security lights to keep both the environment and your property safe.

  • Comes with fixing bolts and kit
  • Large capacity
  • Not fireproof
  • Requires keys when battery dies

5. Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights: MEIKEE 10W PIR Light

It wouldn’t do any good to have a light that didn’t turn on. Therefore nearly every security light is motion activated. This means that it’ll turn on if the motion sensor picks up anything.

There are plenty of motion-activated security lights, but none are quite as efficient as MEIKEE. This is a light that you can install yourself so that you can be prepared for night.

The MEIKEE light is a powerful light that can illuminate your property if something is picked up on the motion sensor. With a range of 12 metres, depending on how high you install the light, you can rest knowing that your house is well-protected under the guard of this motion-activated security light.

This light is 12.6cm by 4.1cm by 15.8cm. Despite this, at 10 watts it has the brightness of 1,000 lumens. Remember that this has an illumination range of 12 metres, which covers most residential properties.

If you’re looking for a motion-activated light that gets the job done, this light is one to consider. With its large range and energy-saving potential, you won’t lose sleep since this light will keep your property safe.

  • Having a large illumination range despite its relatively low lumens
  • Has the potential to save up to 80% on your electricity bills
  • Has a slightly shorter cable, being just under five feet
  • Has a lowish lumen count for the price of the light
  • Complaints about the durability
    of the light

Security Lighting Outside My Home Why?

Some people might be sceptical about a security light protecting their property against burglars. A proper security light system can do wonders against this threat.

Burglars are cautious and don’t want to be caught.

If a light is turned on, especially a bright light, the burglar will want to run away. Installing a security light system is a good way to keep burglars away. In addition, during night, these lights can help you find your way.

What Is the

Best Light?

When you’re wondering which light to purchase, you should think about what’s important.

If you want to illuminate your property to briefly blind and startle the burglar, you will want to consider the Hillington Halogen Floodlight with its 400 watts.

A light this bright will not only take care of your property, but on smaller properties, it’ll ensure that the burglar stays away.

What Light Should

You Avoid?

As important as the environment is, a solar-powered light can be too finicky for security. If it’s overcast or raining, you won’t be able to use the light.

Unless you live where the sun shines constantly, you should look at lights that provide a stable security for your property.

What Is the Least Expensive Light?

The least expensive light will be a motion-activated light, since it’s one of the most fundamental aspects of a security light.

This means that there won’t be many special features, but you can rely upon a basic light to get the job done inexpensively.

Which is The Best Security Lighting Outside My Home?

Alarm Type
Insurance Ratings
Key Benefits
Hillington 400W Motion PIR Sensor Halogen Floodlight
Improves insurance ratings notably
Can call up to three people
Has countless accessories to add to the versatility
PEBA 2000lm 6600K Super Bright LED Floodlight
Improves insurance ratings
Has a panic button accessory available
Has a large touchscreen, which can help people with poor eyesight
LOFTer 30W 2,400 lumen Super Bright PIR Sensor Flood Light
PIR Sensor
Improves insurance ratings
Has a panic button accessory available
Has a large touchscreen, which can help people with poor eyesight
HETP Upgraded 78 LED Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights
Worsens insurance ratings
Can work in conjunction with another alarm system
Improves insurance ratings notably
Can call up to six people, including the police
Has ability to customise 99 different zones of your house
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